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Frequently Asked Questions
Any repair will be slightly visible and will incur a discoloration of the metal but our goal is to "wow" our customers by minimizing the damaged area so that the naked eye must focus hard to see the repair. We view our eyeglass repair as an art form and we strive to be "perfect". in many cases eyeglass frames can be touch up replated (small extra charge)


Is there a warranty?
We provide a 45 day warranty on the repaired portion of your frame. This warranty is unconditional. If your glasses should break in the same spot from falling asleep late at night or playing with the kids, no problem; just bring them back, and we will repair them free of charge.


How strong are they after the repairs?
All repairs are tested for maximum durability prior to dispensing, and you can use them as you did before.


How much will repairs cost?
Due to the number of small barrels, hinges, and unique mountings, it's necessary for us to see the glasses before giving an exact figure. However, $20-50$ is the average range for most repairs

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