Eyeglasses Repair Services

USA Eyeglasses Repair uses a state of the art laser welding technique that allows us to repair nearly all metal frames on the market (Titanium, Rimless, Drill Mount,) while minimizing any discoloration. Laser welding on eyeglass frames are one of the many innovations used by USA Eyeglasses Repair. With pinpoint accuracy, we can maintain your frames natural color. While others tell you what they can do, we want to SHOW YOU. (you can watch on a big screen as your eye glasses or jewelry being repaired).

All laser welding repairs made by qualified certified laser repair technician.

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Eyeglasses Repair Services

We are able to repair different eyeglass materials including:

Temple Repairs

  • Lengthen or shorten temples
  • Spring hinge repairs
  • Temple hinge welds

Frame Repairs

  • Bridge replacements
  • Drill-mount repairs
  • Flexon frame welds
  • Rimless frame repairs
  • Stainless steel frame welds


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